Train the Trainers Workshop – Announcement

CRAFTS+ is excited to announce the upcoming “Train the Trainers” workshop, a comprehensive 5-day training event from December 11 to 15, 2023. The sessions will be held at the PostScriptum head office, with a special session on December 13 at the Academy of Entrepreneurship (61 Tsiller, Athens).

This workshop aims to equip educators and entrepreneurial stakeholders with the tools and knowledge needed to support the growth of contemporary crafts by introducing the CRAFTS+ curriculum of its online educational program on entrepreneurship in the pottery and crafts sector. The workshop will bring together ten pottery craft educators and entrepreneurial stakeholders in the ceramics sector, along with three project partners, to delve into the CRAFTS+ education program.

Workshop Overview

The “Train the Trainers” workshop is designed to provide a thorough understanding of the CRAFTS+ education programme, tailored for individuals, micro businesses, and enterprises aiming to operate sustainable businesses in today’s dynamic environment. Participants will gain in-depth knowledge of the online courses curriculum, including chapters on Mastering Sales Strategies, Logistics and Supply Chain, Digital Marketing, Green Practices, New Materials and Tools, Communication and Branding, and Financial Management.

Workshop Highlights

Curriculum Overview: Detailed presentations on each course topic, highlighting the key learning outcomes and teaching methodologies.

Hands-on Training: Interactive sessions focused on best practices for course delivery, ensuring participants are well-equipped to train others.

Evaluation: An assessment and feedback session to review and refine the training program, ensuring it meets the needs of contemporary craft educators and entrepreneurs.

On the third day of the workshop, December 13, participants will also have the opportunity to network with attendees of the "GreenSkills Rally: Workshop for Social and Green Entrepreneurship," held in the context of the European project SOSUSK – Social and Sustainable Skills for the Young NEET Population. This connection between the two workshops will foster a collaborative environment, allowing participants from both European projects to exchange experiences, skills, and know-how, enhancing the dynamic and impact of both initiatives.

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