PostScriptum, established in 1991, is a leading consultancy firm driving cultural development and digital innovation in Greece. Specializing in digital transformation of cultural organizations, local development strategies, and cultural diplomacy initiatives, PostScriptum serves as a liaison between cultural organizations and the digitally interconnected society. 

With expertise in European development policies and a vast network of collaborators, it delivers personalized solutions to enhance the impact of cultural initiatives. Supporting cultural organizations in their relationships with education, tourism, creative industries, and the broader economy, PostScriptum contributes to theenrichment of local communities and the promotion of social cohesion.

MESO Events (MESO) is a non-for-profit organisation based in Athens, Greece. Launched in 1998, MESO has created several “Public-Private Partnership (PPP)” initiatives to foster capacity building for artists, music professionals and Cultural and Creative Industries entrepreneurs in Greece and in Europe.

We believe in empowering Creative professionals, entrepreneurs and tech savants, ensuring they have access to opportunities that foster growth and creativity. Over the years, the team has developed innovative networks at national, regional and European level, to maximize the efficiency and the sustainable impact of our activities, with the aim to provide equal access and chances to all, to strengthen the CCI sector and to connect the Greece and the Balkans with the wider music ecosystem.

Our unwavering dedication to the development of the Cultural ecosystem has positioned us as a reference point with activities and events focusing on music production & live events, but also vocational and educational training, artistic development, entrepreneurship and recently tech.

Notable collaborations include partnerships with prestigious institutions such as the Benaki and the Acropolis Museum, the National Museum of Contemporary Art, the Athens Epidaurus Festival, the National Opera of Greece, the Athens School of Fine Arts, and the Onassis Foundation.

Idea O.K. Training and Consulting, based in North Macedonia, is a specialized consulting company dedicated to fostering impactful change in decentralization processes, rural development, and cultural advancement. We began with a commitment to shaping more effective public sectors, both locally and nationally. Today, we boast extensive experience collaborating with public authorities, private entities, and the third sector. Unlike conventional consulting firms, we prioritize

collaborative partnerships and personalized approaches. By immersing ourselves in our clients' organizations, we gain profound insights to craft tailored solutions that align with their visions. Let's work together to unlock your organization's full potential.

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