CRAFTS+ Kick Off Meeting โ€“ Wrap Up

On February 15, 2023, the CRAFTS+ project team convened for its kick-off meeting in Athens, officially launching this collaborative Erasmus+ programme. Representatives from all partner organizations, including PostScriptum, M.E.S.O. Events, and Idea O.K., gathered to discuss the project's framework, priorities, and action plan, laying a solid foundation for enhancing the skills of contemporary crafts practitioners and pottery makers.

The meeting began with a warm welcome from the coordinator, followed by introductions from participating organizations. The agenda was promptly approved, and key agreements and contracts were confirmed to facilitate productive discussions. Structured to ensure comprehensive coverage, the agenda included updates on partner organizations' readiness and contributions, a detailed project overview outlining CRAFTS+ objectives and rationale, and a thorough work program detailing course development and platform implementation timelines. Discussions also focused on crucial project management aspects such as internal communication strategies, administrative procedures, and frameworks for monitoring progress and evaluating outcomes.

The meeting concluded with targeted discussions on specific project activities, including needs analysis, training program development, and the implementation of an ICT platform for online learning and networking. These discussions aimed to establish clear milestones and foster collaborative efforts moving forward.

Overall, the kick-off meeting served as a pivotal moment, laying a strong foundation for successful collaboration among the CRAFTS+ project team. Clear objectives, defined roles, and a robust action plan underscored the team's commitment to advancing contemporary crafts practices through collaboration, innovation, and sustainability. The enthusiastic participation observed bodes well for the project's future success, promising significant contributions to the crafts sector.

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