Crafting Tomorrow: Exploring the Future of Crafts โ€“ Wrap Up

On Wednesday, March 27, Theatre 104 hosted a significant meeting opening new horizons for Greek crafts. The seminar "Crafting Tomorrow: Exploring the Future of Crafts" showcased the multifaceted reality of the sector, highlighting current challenges and dynamic future prospects.

The event was part of the presentation of the European project CRAFTS+, co-funded by the European Union and supported by key partners such as the State Scholarships Foundation (IKY), PostScriptum, M.E.S.O. Events, and Idea O.K.

The seminar began with Georges Perot, General Director of M.E.S.O. Events, presenting the CRAFTS+ project. This was followed by a roundtable discussion moderated by Kostas Konstantinidis, CEO of PostScriptum, featuring distinguished speakers from various fields who shed light on different aspects of the topic.

  • Dr. Eleni Doudoulaki, Secretary General of Contemporary Culture at the Ministry of Culture, spoke about the role of state policy in promoting and developing crafts in the modern era.
  • Dr. Aikaterini Polymerou-Kamilaki, Honorary Researcher and Vice President of the Anetopoulos Ceramics Family Foundation, and former Director of the Research Center of Greek Folklore of the Academy of Athens, emphasized the importance of crafts as a means of preserving cultural capital and heritage.
  • Dr. Vasilis Avdikos, Associate Professor of Economic and Regional Development at Panteion University, highlighted the economic prospects of the craft sector and its role in regional development and job creation.
  • Lastly, Loukia Thomopoulou, Director of Sealed Earth Ceramic Studio and Gallery and Founder & Artistic Director of Big Blue Dot and the Biennale of Contemporary Ceramics, shared her professional experience in the craft sector and stressed the need for state funding and support programs for craft exhibitions like the Biennale of Contemporary Ceramics.

Attendees had the opportunity to discuss and exchange ideas, highlighting a promising field for development, collaborations, and creative projects in the craft sector in Greece.

Key topics discussed during the seminar included:

  • History and Mapping of the Current State: Presentation of the history of craft professions and their various aspects over recent decades. Analysis of existing gaps and contemporary challenges faced by the sector.
  • Crafts and Education: The need for the creation of an official educational body focused on establishing a university institution for crafts. Collaboration between the Ministries of Culture and Education to implement this initiative.
  • Crafts and Entrepreneurship: Discussion on artisans as entrepreneurs and their relationship with entrepreneurship, tourism, and local culture. The need for collaboration between the Ministries of Culture, Development, and Tourism.
  • Crafts and State Support: The need for strengthening and funding crafts by the state. Creating a development plan in collaboration with the private and public sectors.

The organizing team expresses sincere thanks to all who attended and contributed to the success of the seminar, as well as to the speakers for their valuable input. This seminar is just one step in the ongoing effort to develop and upgrade crafts in Greece, through European cooperation and the intercultural exchange of knowledge and ideas. We eagerly anticipate future initiatives and opportunities that will arise in this field, aiming to create a more dynamic, innovative, and sustainable future.

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