About us

CRAFTS+ is an ERASMUS+ project designed to benefit adult learners and adult educators by offering training opportunities, creative inspiration, work experience, skills and work opportunities.

CRAFTS+ is aiming to reach the following target groups:

Freelance professionals and artisans working in the sector

Lifelong learning adults: practitioners who wish to pursue a career in the ceramic sector and the personnel and staff already working with it

Trainers and adult educators: professionals, who have the essential formal qualifications as well as certified educational proficiency in the ceramics sector as well as in adult education and vocational Training within the context of lifelong Learning.

Specific Objectives


To develop customized training and capacity-building materials in order to address the need for the enhanced skills in crafts (ceramics) design and development and sustainable economic growth by formalizing the micro economic activities knowledge and competences by offering solutions for self-learning processes to the target groups – adult learners and aspiring craft practitioners, with the specific focus on women;


To enable sharing knowledge and information for improving practice in crafts - ceramics and support individual practitioners develop sustainable income generating practice via transition from informal to formal micro-entrepreneurship by utilizing knowledge and information ICT HUB.


To enhance the process of policy recommendations for local and regional authorities and stakeholders for enhancing the learning environment in the crafts and educational sector with focus on adult learners.


Build capacity of the partnership organizations and enable them to engage in further cross-border cooperation and expand their existing professional networks.

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