Crafting the Future of Ceramics with CRAFTS+

Welcome to CRAFTS+

At CRAFTS+, we believe in the power of creativity and lifelong learning. Our educational platform is designed to empower potters, craft practitioners, educators, and entrepreneurs in the world of ceramics.

We offer customized workshops and courses that provide insights into both the artistic practice of ceramics and business development within it. Through a dynamic ecosystem of shared knowledge, CRAFTS+ aspires to motivate and support you as you work to evolve your craft and build a sustainable business in ceramics.

What We Do


Tailored Training for Growth

Offer tailored training programs with customized materials to boost skills and personal development for success in the crafts and ceramics field.


Sharing Knowledge for Sustainable Practices

We are a hub for sharing knowledge and experiences in ceramics, supporting individuals in transitioning from informal to formal micro-entrepreneurship.


Advocating for Better Policies

CRAFTS+ collaborates with authorities to improve educational environments in crafts, with a focus on adult learners.


Building Partnerships for Prosperity

Strengthen partner organizations, enabling them to engage in cross-border collaborations, fostering innovation in the crafts sector.

CRAFTS+ is Addressed to

Crafts Practitioners

seeking to enhance their craft skills or delve into business and marketing aspects.

Crafts Hobbyists

looking to explore diverse pottery techniques and facets.

Crafts Educators

aiming to expand their knowledge and impart it to their students.


interested in exploring the crafts and pottery sector for business growth opportunities.

Join CRAFTS+ today and start crafting your future in ceramics!

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